Humor & Satire: Trump Redux

Recently, In 2018, there was a rumor going around  in the press  that Hillary might run  again .
Well, Donald Trump had won for president in 2016.
This is past 2018 already and  we  might refresh the President one of his first press conferences.
 During  2018Trump’s administration, Let us review POTUS

Trump faces the press corps for his first presidential performance in the White House.

Correspondent: Mr. President, only a few days after your election, the press is raising the alarm over your actions! Excuse the wording, and no disrespect, but these actions are like unguided missiles!

Nobody understands your actions. Let me explain, sir. Respected Israeli press like Haaretz were shocked after the election over your comments about the rumoed  restoration of Hitler?

Trump: Indeed! I campaigned, and I was elected, and I won, about making America into a great country again. The restoration is for the correction of two previous administrations and from days over the Potomac. Also, I may add, the White House is an aberration! It was built by our forefathers, like George Washington, and this presidential House can be truly described as “White.” As for Obamacare, it would be wiped out by us.

Correspondent: Mr. President, there have been misgivings about Muslims that you have publicly stated dislike towards them.
Trump: Yes, what about them?

Correspondent: Mr. President, the city of London is one of the foremost centers of Western Civilization in Europe. There was a mayoral election, and in May last, the winner was elected as the new Mayor of London. His name is Sadiq Khan. The campaign platform was without controversy, and Londoners chose hope over fear, and unity and sanity over division. Mayor Khan is a Muslim and has a PAKISTANI background, and was heavily supported by the Jewish vote in the City of London.

Trump: I wonder about that! I just heard that news and then googled it. Of course, we have long term traditional ties with our Jewish allies of the US. But Sadiq Khan is an another story. I may add, Muslims are over pagan rites. I am thinking further about Obama’s birther issues and that we do not know about free masonry.

Correspondent: Mr. President, as you know, former US Secretary of State Madeline Albright has just issued a statement that she was a Catholic, Jewish and Muslim. She believed that the US was open to all backgrounds.

Trump: I am sure, just like Megyn Kelly, who had talked time and again. I may add, some women are generally moody and unstable from month to month. Madeline, is a very old woman, and her biological cycle is not relevant anymore.

Correspondent: Sir,  as I repeated again, London is a center of Western Civilization and the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, is a Muslim, while Queen Elizabeth of England is very supportive of Muslims, and many Londoners are Jewish.

Trump: I agree, Queen Elizabeth and they are supportive of the entire team of London police, Royal staff and security squad. They might be defenseless !! . London cops are defenseless, unarmed and unprotected! There is a serious law and Order situation and Europe is batty; oblivious of open security….. lack of opportunity. I may add, I do not like Islamic fundamentalists. I would like to leave the topic.

Correspondent: Mr. President, regarding British Prime Minister, Mr. Tony Blair. He has his sister in the family and her name is Lauren Booth. She is a devout Muslim, and she walks London’s streets to pray five times a day!

Trump: I bet, but I am not sure about London street food, or perhaps London street is halal food, like gyro, chicken and rice?  But let’s talk about street foods. And let us focus on Tony Blair. For the sake of his sisters, he might have solidarity with them and change to Islam. I want him to drop his pants and put on jeans and Doc Martens sneakers instead. I want to invite him and together go to a hotdog stand and have franks with mustard and sauerkraut.

This, on wide open Wall Street.   You know, the threat of proliferation of gyros, chicken and rice,  has to be stopped!  It looks like the tentacles spreading of Islamic fundamentalists. The relentless halal food is now spreading -even to the New York Central Park!

Correspondent: Mr. President, your daughter, Ivanka has just published a new book about how to be an entrepreneur. It is inspirational and uplifting in the heart of Wall Street. In it, Ivanka specially named Umber Ahmad from Wall Street. MS. Ahmed is also Pakistani.

Trump: I was watching Nature on television and I saw how wildebeest calves are born by the thousands. Now,  we have predators like cheetahs and lions to control over them! Nobody is in control of who is now a Islamic fundamentalist, and that is a problem, Ivanka or no Ivanka.

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    “Crooked” Hillary’s downfall, is relegated by the Trump ‘s running. The article is funny!


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